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Pietism as an Ecclesiological Heresy

by Christos Yannaras 1. The historical coordinates We give the name “pietism” to a phenomenon in church life which certainly has a particular historical and “confessional” starting point, but also has much wider ramifications in the spiritual life of all the Christian Churches. Pietism made its appearance as a distinct historical movement within Protestantism, at […]

Things Jesus Never Said

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The Episcopal Church Welcomes You

We have noted with vexation that contempt for divine truths has reached such a level that even women, it is reported, serve at the holy altars. Everything that is entrusted exclusively to men is performed by the sex that has no right to do so. And of all these obnoxious transgressions which we reprimand singly, […]

Christianity or the Church?

by St. Ilarion (Troitsky), Holy New Martyr of Russia Introduction Usually, people prefer to remain silent concerning a matter which they know nothing about and do not understand. This, of course, is completely sensible. Let us imagine, for example, a person who knows nothing about chemistry but who, nevertheless, constantly insists upon interfering in the […]

“Following the …

“Following the holy Fathers…” is a pledge the Orthodox Church has never failed to keep. She has never failed, whether by treatise or encyclical or Canon, in theology or spirituality, to proclaim her allegiance to them. They are an authority, not a resource. She accepts them as “new prophets,” not as philosophers. Their writings and […]

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The Orthodox Life

It is not enough to have Orthodox beliefs. If you desire to be fit for heaven, you must live the Orthodox life.

Energetic Procession

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