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We Are Insane

A SANE FAMILY IN AN INSANE WORLD  By Presbyter Seraphim Johnson  “Take heed to thyself, and keep thine heart diligently: forget not any of the things which thine eyes have seen, and let them not depart from thine heart all the days of thy life. And teach them to thy children and thy grandchildren.” —Deuteronomy […]

From Nihilism to Tradition

by Michael O’Meara Histoire et tradition des européennes: 30,000 ans d’identité Dominique Venner Paris: Éditions du Rocher, 2002 I. Race of Blood, Race of Spirit In the United States, nationalists take their stand on the question of race, arguing that it denotes meaningful differences between subspecies, that these differences have significant behavioral and social ramifications, […]

David B. Hart Essay

The Pornography Culture  David B. Hart Writing not as a lawyer, I am able to address the Supreme Court’s recent decision regarding the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) only somewhat obliquely. Concerning the legal merits of the case, certainly, I have little to say. This is not necessarily because I believe one must be a […]

Decline of the West

Decline of the West “If human life is (as secular modernity asserts) ultimately about gratification (about maximizing happiness and minimizing suffering) then it will always seem tempting to take the short-term choice leading to immediate and certain happiness and avoid immediate and certain suffering; and to ignore the long-term consequences of these choices on the […]

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The Orthodox Life

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