The Pornography Culture  David B. Hart Writing not as a lawyer, I am able to address the Supreme Court’s recent decision regarding the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) only somewhat obliquely. Concerning the legal merits of the case, certainly, I have little to say. This is not necessarily because I believe one must be a […]

Decline of the West “If human life is (as secular modernity asserts) ultimately about gratification (about maximizing happiness and minimizing suffering) then it will always seem tempting to take the short-term choice leading to immediate and certain happiness and avoid immediate and certain suffering; and to ignore the long-term consequences of these choices on the […]

Anyone who looks at our contemporary life from the perspective of the normal life lived by people in earlier times—say, Russia, or America, or any country of Western Europe in the 19th century—cannot help but be struck by the fact of how abnormal life has become today. The whole concept of authority and obedience, of […]

“Following the holy Fathers…” is a pledge the Orthodox Church has never failed to keep. She has never failed, whether by treatise or encyclical or Canon, in theology or spirituality, to proclaim her allegiance to them. They are an authority, not a resource. She accepts them as “new prophets,” not as philosophers. Their writings and […]


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