A Talk given at the Orthodox Pilgrimage to Felixstowe in August 2001 By Father Andrew Phillips INTRODUCTION We sometimes hear people talking about how they came to join the Orthodox Church. Although each story is interesting and may even be extraordinary, I think that the stories of how people remained faithful Orthodox Christians despite temptations […]

A SANE FAMILY IN AN INSANE WORLD  By Presbyter Seraphim Johnson  “Take heed to thyself, and keep thine heart diligently: forget not any of the things which thine eyes have seen, and let them not depart from thine heart all the days of thy life. And teach them to thy children and thy grandchildren.” —Deuteronomy […]

THE OTHER SIDE: METAPHYSICS AND MEANING by R. M. Manion November 1993 I.  ETHICAL NIHILISM  A.   NATURALISM  He said he was a naturalist, that nature is all that is, that terms have meaning by virtue of their description of some aspect of nature. B. MORAL CRITERIA With this I agreed, and so I sought to […]

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by Michael O’Meara Histoire et tradition des européennes: 30,000 ans d’identité Dominique Venner Paris: Éditions du Rocher, 2002 I. Race of Blood, Race of Spirit In the United States, nationalists take their stand on the question of race, arguing that it denotes meaningful differences between subspecies, that these differences have significant behavioral and social ramifications, […]

We have noted with vexation that contempt for divine truths has reached such a level that even women, it is reported, serve at the holy altars. Everything that is entrusted exclusively to men is performed by the sex that has no right to do so. And of all these obnoxious transgressions which we reprimand singly, […]

by St. Ilarion (Troitsky), Holy New Martyr of Russia Introduction Usually, people prefer to remain silent concerning a matter which they know nothing about and do not understand. This, of course, is completely sensible. Let us imagine, for example, a person who knows nothing about chemistry but who, nevertheless, constantly insists upon interfering in the […]

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